SDF progressing, 100 civilians liberated

05.08.2017, 10.20   News

In Raqqa heavy battles are being faced on all four sides of the city. As a result of this, 100 civilians could be liberated, who were surrounded and trapped by ISIS. 15 ISIS members have been killed.

The SDF fighters are progressing and making important advances. In Nezlit Şehadê south of the city, which is largely under SDF control, fierce battles broke out. As a result of that, an ISIS defense line could be broken. In this district, 5 ISIS members have been killed and some weapons could be seized. In addition 100 civilians, among them many women and children, who were trapped in the city center, could be liberated.

In Berîd in the north west, a battle was going on as well. Here, 3 ISIS member have been killed, one of them a sniper. Furthermore Rewda in the north east faced heavy clashes as well. As the SDF was advancing here, 7 ISIS members have been killed.

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