SDF repels Daesh attacks, 70 mercenaries killed

24.04.2017 11:49   News

AL-RAQQA- IS gangs attacked on Sunday the liberated villages in al-Raqqa city but fighters repelled the attack and 70 mercenaries have been killed during the clashes, it has been reported.

IS gangs have attacked on Sunday afternoon Bir Jarbo, Jarwa, Rihaniyat, Om al-Tenak and Ronyan villages which were liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces earlier, the fighters repelled the attack, consequently, clashes erupted.

Fierce clashes broke out and lasted till 05:00, global coalition warplanes also provided aerial coverage for the fighters on the ground.

During the clashes, 70 IS mercenaries have been killed, a number of their bodies were seized by the fighters, 9 Kalashnikovs, 52 storages, 2,000 bullets, 9 grenades, one RBJ launcher, a bomb and 3 walkie-talkies were seized by SDF fighters.

Then, fighters took to combing operations in the regions where clashes broke out on Sunday.

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