Şehîd* Avaşîn



Ivana Hoffman (Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş**) was born on 1st September, 1995 in Emmerich, Germany.

On 7th March, 2015 Ivana was murdered in Til Temir by the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS). She was 19 years old. She died as a brave internationalist woman, as a freedom fighter and has become a symbol of hope for many of us.

Family And Childhood

Ivana was a cheerful and lively girl. Her mother is German and her father is from Togo. Altogether she had 12 siblings and half-siblings.

Ivana loved to play soccer in her club in Emmerich. She also loved to play music, to sing and to dance. Moreover she was very popular and had many friends. Before she went to Rojava, Ivana lived in Duisburg-Meiderich.

Political Career

In 2009, Ivana met the “Students Strike” movement in Duisburg and therefore she became politically active. Her laughter and her kindness were so fascinating that she was elected as press spokeswoman, because she was able to mobilize lot’s of students with her emphatically and participatory kind.

Our comrade Ivana Hoffmann met our AGIF-union in Duisburg-Meiderich for the first time in 2011. There she got to know Young Struggle, took tasks and started to form herself in our union.

It has to be mentioned that she began to take a stand against abuses and injustice, she also organised the students strike in Duisburg with others and participated in radical actions, for example the Revolutionary 1st May, the Blockupy Protests, antifascist demonstrations, actions against women repression, social clear-cutting and sometimes she was also one of the organisers. In addition she joined in actions for the freedom of political captives and in 2012, she attended the hunger strike for captives of the Kurdistan Workers‘ Party (PKK). Additionally she was increasingly interested in the class struggle, so she got a part of the Youth of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) of Turkey/Kurdistan, called KGÖ (Communist Youth Organisation). In summer 2013, she was part of a delegation, which joined in a political youth camp and in many demonstrations in Turkey.


Ivana Hoffmann developed very fast and started to take the responsibility for many important tasks by itself all about forming a trade in the youth organisation. She organised actions, demonstrations, youth camps and political lectures.

Video> impressions of her life

In spring 2014, Ivana went to Rojava to fight locally together with the population against the religious-fascist IS and to protect the population against furthermore massacres, murders and rapes.

In the end of January, 2015, the Turkish/Kurdish news agency ETHA (Etkin Haber Ajansi) released a video, in which Ivana reported the first time from Rojava about her reasons why she went to fight. In Rojava, she was part of an unit with many international fighters from different countries of Europe, who fought in the name of MLKP against the IS.


Last letter

(dedicated to her comarades, before she went to Rojava)

I can’t distinguish the most beautiful colors anymore, I dont feel the wind of the city on my skin anymore, the singing of the birds sounds more like a call for freedom. I have made a descision, days and nights I lived with these thoughts in my head and today is the day to make this step with all my will, which is strong just as the flow of the river Dîcle-Firat. I want to be a part of the Revolution in Rojava, I want to evolve, In this six moth I want to get to know the fight, which unites all the opressed people and of course the Rojava Revolution, which I will defend with my life. I know what I am going for and how important this fight is. I know that there will be difficulties, I will notice, what capitalistic features I have in me but I will fight these. I will experience ehat it feels like to have a weapon in my hand and to fight for the Rojava Revolution, against Imerialism. I will experience life in a different way, more intensive and organized. Maybe I will get to my limits and fall back but I will never give up fighting spirit and I will go on.

Nothing holds me here. I cant’t look passively at how my sisters, brothers, friends, mothers, fathers, comarades are fighting for independence of Capitalism. I will represent the Internationalism of the Party and be a part of the armed and organized movement. When I will come back, I will infect my comarades, my surroundings with the fighting spirit and the willpower, I will be like the beautiful songs and pull everyone in my spell. I will be a Guerilla full of charity and hope.

Yasasin Partimiz

Yasain Devrim

Yasain Sosyalizm

Your comarade

Ivana Hoffmann”

Video> Avaşîn explains, why she came to Rojava.

She says the following: “We are here at the frontline of Serekaniye. Behind us there is the area hold by ISIS. We are here for a week now. For one week we are holding our base to defend the Revolution in Rojava. I decided to come to Rojava, because here we are fighting for humanity and human rights and for internationalism, which is represented by MLKP. We as MLKP fight for freedom here, because Rojava is the beginning. Rojava is our hope.”


Statement by MLKP Rojava:

Our Comrade Avaşin, communist Fighter, internationalist revolutionary is immortal

We have passed our comrade-in-arms, our source of joy in the unit, Avasin Tekosin Guenes, in Til Temir in to infinity. Our pain is enormous. Our anger is as big as the mountains. Our communist comrade Avasin Tekosin Guenes, born in Germany with African roots, has died as a martyr in an attack of the Islamic State (IS) in Til Temir at 3.00 am on the 7th of March.

Our comrade Avasin was resisting with her weapon at the front line since many days against the continuing cruel attacks of the IS-Gangs on Assyrian villages in Til Temir.

Many terrorists were killed at this battle. Our comrade Avasin has fought till her last bullet with the freedom fighters of YPG-YPJ. They have stopped their forway and have written a historical moment at this resistance in Rojava.

They have created barricades of freedom against the foray of the terrorist organization IS, who wanted to occupy the village after their fail in Til Hemis and Til Barak. Our freedom fighters have ruined their plans to take Til Temir, to control the road to Haseki and to commit by this way new massacres at the people in Rojava.

There is still a huge resistance against the foray of IS. The forces of MLKP, YPG and YPJ are building an unbelievable front of resistance. In Til Temir is an epos written right now. This epos is written with the blood of the brave fighters of MLKP, YPG and YPJ.

Our comrade Avasin Tekosin Guenes, whose real name is Ivana Hoffmann, was born on th 1st of September in 1995 in Germany. She has joined our communist organization in young years and has managed many assignments in her city as at the battle also. Our active fighter was since six months in Rojava and has filled assignments at devious points in the canton of Cizre.

At least she has taken her place at the unit in Til Temir to fight against the attacks of the IS. She was at the front line since the first day.

Our comrade Avasin was a communist woman who was in love with the freedom, who wanted accountability, an internationalist who could feel the pain of people at her deepest.

She has taken the fight of the Kurdish and Turkish people against the fasicst dictatorship, against the exploitation as her life philosophy. She loved it to sing Kurdish songs. She has spoken Kurdish and Turkish.

Avasin has put down everything from Europe, for who people are paying thousands of dollars to get there and took her place beside our people and became an example for humanity.

She has given the revolution her sense of love with her internationalist communist way of life.

Her focus was always on Kurdistan.

She looked at the freedom of the Kurdish people as her own freedom. Our comrade Avasin had become an example of detach with her attitude to the communist work in Europe. Avasin had chosen the battle for the revolution instead of an regular life.

Our comrade Avasin believed that the revolution in Rojava could become an example for the whole region around it and she believed that it is necessary that the revolution keeps alive. The defense of the revolution is the defense of the future. She was not just a fighter, she was also a party member with the tendency to get to higher positions. She dreamed of taking her place at the battle in Turkey and North Kurdistan after the revolution in Rojava. She was a seeker for freedom.

Her dreams are our dreams, her road is our road, her memorial is our honor.

Avasin Tekosin Guenes is immortal!


Thousands take part in the funaral of Ivana Hoffmann

Her path will be an example


++ 6000 People took part in funeral march and the funeral in Duisburg +++ Family members thank for support ++ Commemorial with the Co-president of HDP Figen Yüksekdag and the Co-President of PYD Salih Muslim ++ Federal Prosecutor’s office in a dead end street


Today 6000 People said farewell to Ivana Hoffmann in Duisburg. The 19 year oldGerman comunist with african roots, fell on the 7th of March in Til Temir in a battle with gangs of the ‚Islamic State‘. She is the first German fighter in the ranks of theInternational Brigades in the Kurdish territories of Northern Syria that lost her life preventing more intents of the IS terrorists to massacre minorities like the cristian-rooted Assirians.

The family and relatives didn’t speak with the media on Saturday. However, especially Ivana’s mother were very impressed of the deep solidarity she has been receiving during the last days when she went to Kurdistan to bring back the body of her daughter to Duisburg. In Kurdistan she mentioned, that already before she hadbeen aware, how bad the Turkish regime is, but now she know for what kind ofhumanity her daughter died. “I’m proud of my daughter and her decision. She died as a freedom fighter.” Therefore the family welcome, that the political friends of Ivana organize parts of the funeral in order to fulfill Ivanas to be burried in a political ceremony.

Video> Michaela Hoffmann, mother of Avaşîn.

She says the following: (“What do you think about Ivana’s struggle?)
“I don’t really know, what to say. Because I think it is somehow disappointing, but I am also proud of her. But I am somehow sad, too. No matter where, at school or at footbal training – she was loved everywhere. In the last letter she sent me, she said: ‘Mom, I want to go my way to become a freedom fighter. She was a really happy person, who was making everyone laugh. Again I don’t know, what else to say.”


HDP was found in 2012 as a left wing party which includes kurdish BDP, socialist mass party ESP and more organisations and parties of the Turkish radical left as well as people from all oppressed classes and different sectors of society. The General Chairman of HDP, Mrs. Figen Yüksekdag, emphasized in her speech:

In Rojava we fight for humanity. Kobane is the spark, which will inflame the fire of world revolution, and it is spreading. Ivana Hoffmann was a beacon of the people. This fire has to burn even lighter.”

The Chairman of PYD, the most important Kurdish party in northern Syrian (in Kurdish called Rojava), Mister Salih Muslim, mentioned the importance of international solidarity for the self defence units and women self defence units (YPG and YPJ), which are fighting in Syrian civil war with the back at the wall:

I greet comrade Ivana, a valuable comrade of Kurdistan. Today we bury our comrade Ivana. That’s why we are in deep sorrow. All of us are comrades of Ivana. The fallen show that the struggle in Kobane and Rojava is of international character.“

On Friday German prosecution in Duisburg temporarily confiscated the body of Ivana Hoffmann connected to a investigation against her IS murderes. A police officer told family members during the operation: Normally, it’s a criminal act, what your daughter has done. However, at least she fought on the right side.“

Günes Bulut, represantitive of Ivana Hoffmann Solidarity Comittee, commented:„Of course the antifascist struggle, which is realized in Western Kurdistan (Northern Syria) already with weapons like the anti-tank missle Milan delivered bythe German Federal Government, is not a crime. Many volunteers will follow the gloriouss example of Ivana Hoffmann. Therefore a clarification concerning the planned changes of § 89 (heavy criminal acts against state) is necessary altering the law in a way it can only be applied against dshihadist terrorists and not for antifascist fighters.

The former minster for internal affairs (Innenenminister), Gerhrad Baum (Liberal Party FDP) noted the difference between the good and bad side in an interview with German broadcast agency Deutschlandfunk: „There are also senseful travellers. There are people, which travel into the region in order to join the freedom fightersof the Kurdish side.“


* “Şehîd” is the Kurdish word for martyr, for people who died fighting in the freedom struggle.

**  her Kurdish nom de guerre

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