Şehid namirin… Farewell to 4 internationalist fighters

29.07.2017, 17.10    News

Hundreds of people from Dêrik and Girkê Legê expressed their farewell to the corpses of four internationalist martyrs, who were fighting and losing their lives in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units (YPG). They were martyred in the Raqqa Liberarion Offensive.

Hundreds of people from Dêrik, Girkê Legê cities and the villages nearby went to Dêrik Hospital to bid farewell to the YPG internationalist fighters David Taylor (Zafer Qereçox), Nicholas Warden (Rodî Deysie), Robert Grodt (Demhat Goldman) from US and Luke Rutter (Soro Zinar) from GB.

Amid women’s trills and slogans that glorify the martyrs, YPG fighters and the martyrs’ comrades held the four corpses and put them on their shoulders. Then, the procession that comprised hundreds of vehicles drove through the main streets of Dêrik city and headed towards Sêmalka crossing afterwards.

As the procession reached Sêmalka crossing, the martyrs’ corpses were put on a platform in the square of the crossing.

The ceremonies started by a military parade which was performed by YPG and YPJ fighters. Then, the internationalist commander in the ranks of YPG Jassour Harkol delivered a speech saying: “Our comrades were martyred for the sake of oppressed peoples’ liberation, we are proud of our comrades Zafêr, Rodî, Demhat and Soro and we bow to the martyrs. For several years now, Rojava people have been struggling and resisting the occupiers, and we stand with the oppressed people side by side against the occupiers.”

Harkol added “We as internationalist young men crossed thousands of kilometers for the sake of repelling terrorists, tyrants and occupiers of Rojava lands, and we will follow the footsteps of our martyred comrades.”

The commander Jassour Harkol concluded his speech saluting the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan’s resistance.

Then, the co-chair of Martyrs’ Families Council in Cizîre canton Fatmah Taher consoled the martyrs’ families and added “Those martyrs are the martyrs of humanity who defended human rights and oppressed people.”

Taher continued: “Those martyrs’ resistance rose from Abdullah Ocalan’s freedom and democracy mindset. So hundreds of internationalist young men joined to fight against terrorism.”

Then, YPG fighters held the martyrs’ corpses and put them in an emergency vehicle to take them to Başûr Kurdistan amid slogans that salute the martyrs.

It is supposed that the martyrs’ corpses will be taken to their hometowns to be buried there

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