A staff of experts and specialists maintain Euphrates Dam

13.06.2017 10:52   News, Video

AL-TABQA- More than 150 workers, engineers and technicians are speeding to maintain the turbines in the Euphrates Dam for the aim of lightning al-Tabqa liberated city, but the huge damage inflicted to the body of the dam is making their mission more and more difficult.TEPQA-CEKIRINA-BENDAVA-FIRATE1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The Syrian Democratic Forces liberated al-Tabqa city and Euphrates Dam in May 10 after an operation was launched in March 21.

The mercenaries caused serious damage in Euphrates Dam which is the biggest dam in Syria, but this would not prevent al-Tabqa Civil Council from mobilizing its energies to restore lighting to the liberated city.

Damage inflicted to the dam

IS mercenaries intended to immerse four floors of the dam’s body with water to a height of 18 meters, and the mercenaries also destroyed generation turbines and dam spillway gates. Moreover, the mercenaries destroyed 8 turbines used to generate 800 megawatts of electric current. While the vastest damage was witnessed in Euphrates Dam operation room that is considered motherboard as it completely controls the dam, as the mercenaries completely burned the operation room. And also they stole all the machineries, generators and the dam equipment.  TEPQA-CEKIRINA-BENDAVA-FIRATE1 ‫(112329218)‬ ‫‬

More than 150 workers, engineers and technicians are mobilizing to maintain the damage

In addition to About 1,200 workers working in the dam, 150 experts, technicians, workers and engineers are also working on the dam’s body in the station part.

In spite of the small amount of human resources and abilities as the work inside the dam would not stop, and two shifts are working in the dam from 08:00 till 18:00.

In a relevant concern, hydraulic circuits, organized circuits, compressed oil circuits, dam cranes and spillway waterfalls that open water gates in the dam have been maintained.

In addition, work continues on generators, automation circuits, protection circuits, induction circuits, measurements, all cables and main wires to supply the dam and main transformers that organize the Euphrates Dam.

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