Statement by Nisreen Abdullah, official speaker of the Women’s Protection Units YPJ on the Qerecok attack

26.04.2017  News

In the beginning, the presence Kurdish people here is proof of the success and progress of the revolution of Rojava. We as the forces of protection of women It is good to know everyone that always in the spirit of victories we have achieved progress and in this day we repeat the promise even if we martyred one martyr or one thousand always we are ready to sacrifice. This is our promise either to live in dignity or martyrdom and we have the right to protect ourselves and our land and we have the right to revenge. Erdogan’s attack is a revenge for the success, victories and progress of our forces in the Euphrates campaign in Raqqa. States that claimed fighting the terrorist organization they must clarify their  position on Turkey’s attack on our territory and this attack is unacceptable to us and we are waiting clarification of those states . Nisrin stated kurdish people let your head stand up, if there are superpowers states we as YPJ and YPG forces we will struggle with all our power and sacrifice our souls .Nisrin stated victory for those who always work to reach voice of truth to the world  and to the Kurdish people who are present with us express his support with Kurdish forces.

Media and Press office YPJ

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