Strong clashes west of Raqqa and its continuation in the east

23.05.2017 News

Raqqa – In these times, fierce battles and clashes are taking place in the village of Jia, west of the city of Raqqa. The fighting continues in the town of Hamrat Nasser, and the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have liberated about 70% of the town so far.

The campaign Wrath of the Euphrates continues in its fourth phase to liberate Al-Raqqa with progress by clashes and battles west of the city of Raqqa.

After the liberation of the eastern and western villages of Sahlab, the fighters moved towards the village of Jia, located 12 kilometers west of the city of Raqqa, where the mercenaries hid and began shooting at the fighters as they approached the village. Militants responded to the mercenaries and clashes were taking place. Strong clashes took place in the village and several mercenaries were killed amid the continuing battles.

On the other hand, from the eastern side of the Al-Raqqa, clashes continue in the town of Hamrat Nasser since yesterday, some of which were liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces. According to the latest information, more than 70% of the town has become  under control the Wrath of Euphrates’  fighters. The fighting continues with all its might.

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