Student Quits Studies to Become SDF-Fighter

05.07.2017, 15.23  News


After she found out, that the SDF forces are fighting for women’s defense, rights and freedom, 21-year-old Rîma Salih gave up her law studies to become a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Rîma had been studying law in Damascus since 2014. After she had started her studies, her village had been attacked by ISIS. After that it was not possible for Rîma to see her family again.

When she was working in a hospital in Damascus to earn money for her studies, she noticed, that she doesn’t want to accept the society’s wrong opinion about women anymore. Before through television she had already learned about the motivations of YPJ and was impressed, that this force is about to fight for the rights of all women.

So Rîma decided to also actively be part of liberating the women in the region. She is convinced, that YPJ can play a big role in freeing also Arab women from their slavery.

She says: “When I was studying law at university, I had many dreams about defending women’s rights. But I discovered, that in our circumstances today women’s defense means to at first truly free them.”

Rîma makes clear, that by joining the SDF she is attempting to create a foundation, so Arab women could know and start to care about their legitimate rights.

She says: “We will support women who want to get their rights and freedom and we want to be an example for them of how the right way to do that could look like.”

Rîma sends greetings to all women, who stand up against the wrong mentality in the society. She says that only women could free themselves from the conservative opinions about women and that they could learn a lot from female fighters concerning women’s freedom.

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