Thousands of Dêrik people take to streets revolting  

26.04.2017 17:27  News




DÊRIK- Thousands of Dêrik different components; Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, and Chaldeans have taken to streets in a massive demonstration to denounce Turkish attacks on Qereçox(Krashok).  

The co-chair of the Constituent Council of the Federal Democratic Union System Mansour al-Saloum, representatives of the political parties, civil society institutions and thousands of people have flowed to al-Hurayah Square in Dêrik city.

Walking through the city’s streets, slogans that decried the Turkish aggression on Qereçox and Şengal were chanted, then stopping at the center of the city, speeches were delivered.

Having held a minute of silence DUP member Hassan Koçer said” the attacks on Qereçox and Şengal aim to undermine Kurdish people’s will and eliminate their revolution, this is not the first aggression on Rojava as the Turkish state has frequently attempted to eliminate our revolution by supporting Daesh and al-Nusra, but they failed because of the unit of coexisting people”.

Koçer added” the Turkish state is targeting military positions in Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan, political and military powers in Başûr Kurdistan should be showing their attitude towards these attacks, we are experiencing a historical stage which should be exploited and our military and political resistance must be reinforced”.

The co-chair of the Constituent Council of the Federal Democratic Union System Mansour al-Saloum said” I strongly denounce Turkish state attacks on Qereçox, our martyrs have left us a glorious history as they are martyrs of freedom and humanity”.

Al-Saloum added” the Turkish aggression is targeting again the voice of truth in their attack on Rojava Radio an Şengal Voice, we came to plant flowers in Rojava, but they planted explosives in front of our children”, al-Saloum also appealed to the global coalition to put an end to the Turkish occupation attacks on the forces that are fighting IS.

The speeches finished, theologists and Intellectuals Union in Dêrik read statement denouncing Turkish attacks on Qereçox, and called the free world and all the humanity to hold the criminal Erdogan responsible before international courts for his crimes against Kurdish people and the region’s peoples.

The demonstration ended with chanting slogans that saluted YPG and YPJ resistence.

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