Today in Raqqa: 300 civilians liberated, missile depot seized

17.08.2017, 13.07    News

78 mercenaries were killed during the clashes in 6 neighborhoods of Raqqa city. The fighters moreover foiled the mercenaries’ attacks with booby-trapped vehicles.

Raqqa Liberation Campaign continues with full force and the SDF is advancing in all districts. Several clashes broke out between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and IS mercenaries on Wednesday afternoon and lasted till early morning.

During the clashes erupted in Mansur neighborhood in the east, 12 ISIS members were killed. Also a booby-trapped vehicle was destroyed before it could reaching its destination.

In Rashid neighborhood, 17 mercenaries were killed. Here another ISIS booby-trapped vehicle was blown up by SDF fighters before reaching the trenches.

Meanwhile, in Rewda neighborhood, clashes erupted between SDF and IS mercenaries. They resulted in killing 7 mercenaries in addition to destroying a car bomb factory.


In Nezlit Şehade in the south 29 ISIS members were killed during the clashes erupted between SDF and IS mercenaries. The ammunition of 27 fell in the SDF fighters’ hands. The fighters also seized a missile depot in the neighborhood.

In the west of Raqqa city, especially in Diriye district, the fighters were engaged into strong clashes against IS mercenaries, and they killed 5 mercenaries. In addition, the fighters seized an IS booby-trapped vehicle in the neighborhood.

8 mercenaries were killed in Berid district north of al-Raqqa city.

During the clashes broke out in 6 neighborhoods of al-Raqqa, 5 SDF fighters martyred and other 4 fighters were wounded.

The special teams for liberating civilians also continue their work, as they were rescuing 300 civilians this morning. Among them were 10 wounded childre. They were brought to the safe areas.

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