Turkey attacked self-defense forces’ points

 07.05.2017 13:29   News


KOBANÎ- The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries that are stationed at Jarablus city attacked points of the self-defense forces in al-Shiyokh Foqany town west of Kobanî city.

Sources from self-defense forces that have eastern banks of Euphrates Dam in al-Shiyokh Tahtany near Jarablus city that is occupied by the Turkish army west of Kobanî city stated that the mercenaries and the Turkish army attacked their points using heavy machine guns.

According to the forces, the Turkish army attacked their points in Shiyokh Foqany town that is 30 km west of Kobanî using snipers, machine guns and BKCs. The attack did not cause any human or financial damage among the fighters.

Media and Press office YPJ

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