Turkey building doors in border walls in Afrin

20.08.2017, 15.27    News

The army of the Turkish state installed a door in the wall they had been building up themselves before. The door appeared close to Şîltetî village in Şera/Afrin.

The building of the wall started earlier this year, on February 4th, right after the army of the Turkish state had conquered the land and uprooted 350 olive trees belonging to the village people. The wall is separating Şîltetî village in Afrin and Eneb and Bexûxî villages in North-Kurdistan.

Now soldiers of the Turkish army teared down parts of the wall again to install a huge door, that would allow them to bring their military forces and equipment to Afrin.

Furthermore 3 watch towers were constructed around 200 metres close to the village to have the overview.



Similar doors have been already built up by the army of the Turkish state last year near Mela Xelîl village in Cindirêsê / Afrin.


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