Turkey’s links with Al Nusra and other groups

03.08.2017, 13.35    Context


The Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) gave a statement to the Ozgurlukçu Demokrasî newspaper, stating that the state of Turkey would use its power to support islamist Al Nusra Front.

She announced:

It might be late, but voices are raised against Turkey’s destructive role in Syria. The Syrian Democratic Forces collected many data of evidence about Turkey’s support of ISIS. These data without a doubt prove the strong relationship between the state of Turkey and ISIS and have been published in many different media. Of course, the data have also been shared with the international powers. But because of political reasons they haven’t been seen as worth taking into consideration. Whenever Erdogan has been facing a threat from Europe, bomb attacks happened in European countries shortly after. When ISIS attacked Kobane, Erdogan said: “Kobane is going to fall soon.” and expressed his support and hope for their success. The very same politics are continuing with other tools today. Groups named ‘Syrian Coalition’ have been consolidated to attack the Kurds acting as the tribes of Turkish chauvinism.


Using a kind of ‘kurdophobia’, these groups soon have been mobilised. AKP-fascism increased the existing chauvinism which the Baath government had been cultivating before. Now it rose to a real catastrophe. The character of these groups show a Janus-faced organisational practice. On one hand they swallowed treason becoming allies of AKP. On the other hand they are attacking blindly the universal and national values, especially they offend democracy and freedom.

If they are asked, why they offend the values of humanity and the revolution in such a broad scale, they can’t give an answer. Their criteria were entangled so much, that they don’t know what is right and what is wrong anymore. But what we know, is that they are attacking the SDF, PYD and YPG following the order of their master Erdogan. These groups hate the SDF and YPG so much, that they were accepting any offense against them. These groups, who were abandoned from the regions they had been controlling before, now are attacking our liberated areas openly. Obviously they forgot ISIS and the Syrian government, now their only problem is the SDF, YPG and PYD. All this happens in the framework of the Turkish state’s project to fragment and occupy the area. In following Erdogan’s politics they became the enemies of their own nation.


We have been discussing with many representatives of the ‘Syrian Coalition’, until now we didn’t cut of the communication with them. All of the people we discussed with said: “Please don’t let anyone know that we talked to you.” In this way they were expressing their fear of the Turkish state. But all of them are fed up with the close relationship to Turkey and favor the SDF’s project. But because of the actual situation, they complained, they couldn’t free themselves from Turkey. In the meetings taking place lately, Turkey asked them just for one thing, they said: “Oppose the Raqqa Liberation Offensive and make propaganda against the SDF.” The Raqqa liberation woke many of them, because some of them were assisting ISIS to get there before. All attacks on the Raqqa people are within the responsibility of these groups, who were already ordered by the state of Turkey before.


The state of Turkey was using the groups called ‘Syrian Coalition’ to help ISIS. In the name of ‘opposition’ they were earning billions of dollars. In Syria they were doing business, but never to the advantage of the Syrian people. Not even one school has been opened by them. Only they opened two Turkish schools to Turkishize the people. The daily torture of Syrian citizens on the border, which we see in the news all the time, alone shows the real face of the Turkish state. They think, that they can choose the way of oppressing the Syrian people. Unfortunately, the groups formerly claiming to free the Syrian people, now don’t say anything against the violence of the Turkish state.


Those who allowed Turkey to enter Syrian ground, because they wanted to gain power against other military forces, now came under Turkey’s spell. They reached a state of fear in the relation to them. Because the state of Turkey became the main power, who gives the oxigen to the islamist gangs and restrains a solution in Syria.


Turkey occupied Syrian ground pretending to fight ISIS. Even if nobody believed this anyway: Right now there are not ISIS in the area, so normally they should see their mission accomplished and just leave. In contrary case, it would be necessary to treat the Turkish occupation like a cancer cell in the Syrian body: It should be cut off and thrown away. If they stay in Syria any longer and participate in new plans and games, the war will become deeper.


Right now the state of Turkey is using its power to support Al Nusra. They use the doors of Idlib, Jarabulus and Azaz for trading weapons and smuggling their members. The ‘Syrian Coalition’, who are in good relationships with these groups wants to see the SDF on terror lists. But with their politics they should be the first example to be put on terror lists themselves.”


Media and Press Center YPJ


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