Turkish army attacks Afrin village, YPG and YPJ respond

AFRIN- Meantime, Turkish occupation army is attacking Firfirk village in Rajo district using heavy weapons and canons, YPG and YPJ, in turn, responded to the attacks. According to our reporter from the region, Turkish occupation army is attacking now the region near Firfirk village with heavy arms and canons, while YPG and YPJ are responding to the source of the shelling.

The shelling is ongoing, while no other precise information was obtained from the region.

26 Turkish warplanes have shelled on Tuesday Qereçox(Krashok) and many villages belonging to Dêrik( al-Malikiyah) in Rojava causing the martyrdom of 20 YPG and YPJ fighters, and wounding 20 others 3 of them are critically wounded.

Media and Press office YPJ

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