Turkish army tells Kurdish villagers in Shahba to leave their villages in two days

30.06.2017 23:24   News

SHAHBA – The occupying Turkish army has told the residents of Kurdish villages in the Shahba region to vacate their villages in two days.

Local sources have stated that the occupying Turkish army which crossed into many Kurdish villages in the Shahba region, which were occupied by the gangs of Turkey, have told residents to empty the villages in two days. The goal here is to transform these villages into military areas and military centres for Turkey.

The source stated that some of the Kurdish villages, whose residents are wanted to be vacated, are the villages of “Xoz, Tiltane, Tiwês, Eble, Şidûd, Waş, Tilîn, Baroze, Mari, Til Malid, Tiwêhîn, Lyûn, Hewan, Dana and Ezraq”.

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