Video: Turkish Violations against Rojava

15.08.2017, 13.09   Video

The state of Turkey is giving a lot of effort to disturb and even take the lives of people living in Rojava. Cutting off water coming from rivers in Turkey to dry out the agriculture, entering the Rojava’s area and uprooting ten thousands (!) of ancient trees, setting fire to the fields using rockets to destroy the harvest of hard working farmers.

On the other hand, civilians living close to the border or the regions occupied by the Turkish state (like the city of Azaz), suffer of increasing bomb, missile and DShK attacks by the army of the Turkish state and its allies, leading to many casualties. The Turkish state is using this policy to frighten the people, make their life dangerous and unpredictable, reminding them of Turkey’s plans to occupy Northern Syrian ground in order to make steps towards a ‘greater Turkish empire’. But this brutality can only remind the people of the necessity to defend themselves and their liberated areas and rise their anger and political consciousness.

Watch this video about latest incidents:

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