Villagers condemn Turkey restricting their movement

15.08.2017, 12.24    People

The residents of Balia village in Bilbil district are condemning the activities of the army of the Turkish state. They stated, that the state of Turkey is targeting their village and as they can not enter their fields, everything is drying out.

For about a year, the army of the Turkish state started to occupy the villagers’ ground, using the excuse of having to build a border wall. They uprooted hundreds of trees and then positioned soldiers and military equipment.

On March 23rd the army of the Turkish state again uprooted 500 olive trees belonging to Balia’s villagers and cut 267 more in the international zone. After that they put a wall very close to the village. This is the reason, the villagers now can’t enter their fields, as they expect to get riddled with bullets then.

Villager Mihemed Adil Xelil said, that his land was ranging 1000 metres until the former border. But after the army of the Turkish state had occupied the area, the border was actually shifted into his land and now there is no way for him to work on it anymore.

Xelil explained, that he couldn’t go on his own land for a long time: “We know, that the state of Turkey’s goal is to deplace the residents from this area. But we can make clear, that we are not going to leave our own land.”


Zehîde Şêxo, another villager, condemned the state of Turkey’s activities and expressed, that they couldn’t even move normally in the village nor cultivate their land. 



Seîd Birîmo, who is working as a shepherd also showed his discontent about the fact, that he also can’t easily herd his sheep anymore. He as well condemned the attacks of the army of the Turkish state and demanded from the international society to get rid of their silence about Turkey’s assaults. These should be treated according to international law, he added.



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