“I want to see freedom in their eyes”

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Former ISIS captive is fighting in Raqqa with YJŞ

Hêza has been kidnapped by the ISIS gangs from her hometown Shengal. Shengal had been attacked in August 2014, most of the inhabitants of the 100.000 had been killed. ISIS was attacking the people particularly bloodthirsty, because Shengal is the city of Yezidis, who are no muslims but follow an ancient belief of angels. So the ISIS gangs were just desiring to kill everyone. Or to make money from them. Women and girls were captured, held in prisons everywhere in ISIS controlled areas or sold to anyone who had money.

“They wanted to make me read the Koran, so I wouldn’t stay Yezidi. But I also didn’t read the Koran. I knew, it is not ours.”

Hêza never accepted the ‘destiny’ the ISIS terrorists wanted to impose on her. So finally, after 2 years she managed to escape. With a heart full of anger and hate against her torturers, but also full of compassion for all the other women still kept in the black cities, she joined the armed women forces of YJŞ. Her first goal was to not stop until every woman would be liberated from the torturers. YJŞ is an autonomous army with only Yezidi women inside, who organized themselves after the experience of the 2014 genocide. They want to protect their people from any other attack in the future.

Understand the story and wishes of Hêza in this video:

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