War in east and west Raqqa, car bomb seized


12.07.2017, 13.49   News

At 9.30 pm last night heavy clashes erupted on the west and east side of Raqqa. In El-Diriyê district in the west the ISIS gangs could be defeated. As a result of this battle 11 Islamists were killed. Furthermore a booby-trapped car was seized. The professional bomb squad take care about that. 3 thermals and plenty of light weapons could be seized as well.

Video: booby-trapped car seized

At the same time special forces liberated more than 1000 civilians in El-Diriyê and El-Teyar district. The SDF fighters brought the civilians to safe areas. Some of these civilians were targeted by the ISIS members and got wounded, when they were leaving the district.

On the east side of the city and especially in the old town and the Rewda district in the north east a fierce battle emerged. Finally 12 ISIS members were killed in this area,

In the fightings overall 6 SDF fighters were injured.

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