YPG reveals the outcome of 4 days of attacks on Rojava and northern Syria

11.06.2017 12:42   News


People’s protection units reported that during the last 4 days 21 Turkish mercenaries were killed during the attacks on the regions of Rojava and northern Syria.

The Information Center of the People’s Protection Units issued a written statement to the public opinion, revealing the results of the attacks of the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries on the regions of Rojava and northern Syria during the past 4 days.

The statement said:

On 6 June, the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation army attacked with mortar shells the village of Basofan and Birjik Sulaiman belonging to Shirawa, and the villages of Ain Diqna and Tel Qstal in Shara area with heavy weapons. In the evening, unmanned reconnaissance planes and warplanes flew over the area border and the city of Kobani and continued to fly until the morning hours of the second day.

On 7 June, Turkish occupation mercenaries attacked Izzaz from the village of Alqameya of Afrin, where our forces confronted the attack. Strong clashes broke out in the area, our units foiled the attack, killing 21 mercenaries and destroying a mercenary vehicle. The bodies of 13 mercenaries were also hit by our units. The seizure of 4 Kalashnikov weapons with military jeep, 2 mobile phones and a personal identity of mercenaries.

The same day, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft flew over the skies of Kobani province.

On 8 June, the Turkish occupation mercenaries attacked with heavy weaponry the villages of Tal Barin, Tal martyer Shilan and Tel Baz belonging to Jandrisa in Afrin. Our units responded to the attack and to the sources of fire, while no precise information was provided regarding the dead and wounded mercenaries.

On the same day, mortars shelled the villages of Belonia and Villat  Qadi in a Shra area. The Turkish occupation army fired live bullets at one of the villagers at 08:00, as he was going to his field in the village of Abu Zili of Tal –Abed city, as caused the villager wounded

On 9 June, the Turkish occupation mercenaries shelled the villages of Basofan in the area of ​​Shirawa and the village of Tal Laska in the area of ​​Jandrissa in Afrin province.

At the same time, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft overflew the border area of ​​Kobani province, while mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation shelled mortar shells from Garbels al-Tahtani on the town of al-Shoykh of Kobani.

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