YPG/YPJ & Jaish al-Thuwar repel attacks on Afrin, al-Shahba

10.07.2017, 21.20   News

Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are shelling the villages of Afrin canton and the liberated villages of al-Shahba areas with heavy arms at once. YPG, YPJ, and the local revolutionary factions have repelled the attacks and inflicted the mercenaries huge losses. SEHBA-EFRIN-TOPBARAN- SER-EFRIN-U-SEHBA ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

In Afrin the affected villages are Maranaz, Vilat al-Qadi in Shera district, Basofan, Burj Haydar and Bayah in Sherawa district. The Turkish army, positioned at the Azaz and Samaan Castle, was attacking them with artillery, Dushkas and mortars. YPG, YPJ and the revolutionary factions gave a quick and strong response.

Burj Suleiman and Telat Barin in Sherawa district were attacked with mortars and Dushkas, Wadi Zilan in Janders district was also targeted with heavy arms by the mercenaries.

Turkish army mercenaries positioned at Mare town and Kal Jabreen village and Azaz shelled Tel Madiq, Harbal, Sheikh Issa, Wahshiya, and Tel Rifat surroundings  and Kafr Naya in al-Shahba district with heavy artillery and mortars. Here the revolutionary factions, in turn, responded to the shelling.

Jaish al-Thuwar fighters managed to down a drone belonging to the Turkish occupation in Alqamiyah in al-Shahba areas.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have inflicted damage to civilians’ properties and their crops.


The Turkish occupation mercenaries also targeted Samouqa village last night. Consequently, clashes erupted between Jaish al-Thuwar and Turkish occupation army and lasted till Monday morning. The exact amount of damage is unknown.


Media and Press Center YPJ

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