YPJ/YPG defending Positions, further attacks in Shehba

10.08.2017, 16.25    News

YPJ/YPG fighters were using their right of defense answering the Turkish state’s new military assaults today. The army of the Turkish state shelled the village Merenazê/Afrin with DShK weapons. The village Til Bazê in Afrin was attacked with rockets. As the YPJ/YPG were reacting on the attacks, it resulted in a number of killed and injured occupiers.


At the same time bombs and rockets lashed down on villages of the Shehba region. Here the army of the Turkish state and its allies were attacking the villages Şêx Îsa, Hisiyê, Simoqe and Herbel.


When the army of the Turkish state and its allies was shelling the positions of Revolutionary Forces in Til Cîcan and Til Medîq with DShK weapons, heavy clashes broke out. Because of a hard-line answer of the Revolutionary Forces, the attackers were withdrawing from the field.


Allover the occupiers’ military movement in the Shehba region is increasing every day.


Media and Press Center YPJ

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